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The Reef Classroom: PreK-3 and PreK-4


PreK-3 Sea Turtle and Angelfish Groups: 3 by September 1


PreK-4 Green and Blue Dolphin Groups: 4 by September 1


*All children must be completely potty trained to be in The Reef classroom 


We call it "The Reef"- a three-room, multi-age space that is set up to be the ultimate learning labaoratory!  In the Reef, children ages 3-5 work and learn together during learning center time each morning. Research shows that multi-age grouping actually develops stronger academic skills in children. They are allowed to move up to harder work when they are ready, or repeat work that may be a bit more challenging to them. During learning center time, you will see a variety of groupings of children: some are working independently, some are in small groups, and some working with a teacher.  


Our PreK-3 and PreK-4 programs are developed as a special bridge to Kindergarten, gradually preparing them for the rigors of more formal schooling. Along with our Reggio Emilia inspired emergent curriculum, we begin to introduce and emphasize more academic subjects such as handwriting skills, alphabet and phonics skills and mathematical thinking skills. We also develop Christian beliefs and values like kindness, conflict-resolution, empathy, and respect, through weekly chapel visits, reading bible stories and celebrations of religious holidays throughout the liturgical calendar year.

Planning and planting a vegetable garden, hatching baby chicks, designing a car, writing and putting on a play, and planning a feast are some examples of how the PreK-3 and PreK-4 children work together in the Reef classroom and are involved in real-world application of basic and higher level thinking skills.  Please see our Curriculum Guide for more information about our approach to teaching and learning.




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